Engineering has been an aspect of life since the beginning of human existence. Creating a need for the construction of shelter has revolutionized human life style. Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering discipline. It deals with the built environment and can be dated to first time someone placed a roof over his head or her head or laid a tree trunk across a river to make easier to get across.

The built environment encompasses much of what defines modern civilization. Buildings and bridges are often the first constructions that come to mind, as they are most conspicuous creations of structural engineering, one of civil engineering’s major sub-disciplines. Roads, rail roads, subway systems and airports are designed.

At AutoCX Technologies we create the necessary intelligence to create the brain of a smart city. Our approach towards the construction of smart city can be conducted based on the multidimensional analysis of economy, society, life, environment, infrastructure’s, Information Technology and Political Civilization. We offer a best –in –class integrated engineering solution provider for construction and building companies.

In this program civil engineers will be recruited and will be put to training on basic foundations and fundamentals on sub disciplines like Structural Engineering, Material Science & Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Construction Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Transportation engineering and Control engineering . These specialized research areas will be dealt through updated advanced computed application for design like AUTOCAD CIVIL, Microstation, MX road, AUTOCAD ELECTRICAL, Prosteel, Computer aided Land Survey, Revit Architecture, Design Visualization Pro, Building Estimation & Costing, STAAD.Pro and Ansys Civil.

This will give the civil updated usage of engineering tools , computer applications so that support infrastructure BIM work flows, improve project delivery, design more efficiently, check designs against standards, optimize design, evaluate feasibility and impact, maintain more consistent process, automate documentation and reports, minimize errors and reworks, configure documentation to delivery standards, deliver 3D models for automated machine guidance, incorporate design changes automatically, better estimate material usage with dynamic calculations.

What we offer at AutoCX Technologies to our clients:
  • Experts in creating a relevant design in virtual environment according to standards, regulatory frame work and documentation requirements by funding agencies.
  • Project Management services through the project life cycle.
  • Transport planning and solutions to connect smart cities.
  • Specialists in forecasting the feasibility in planning to transform tier 2 and tier 3 cities into smart townships.
  • Expertise in both Greenfield and Brownfield smart city planning & management.
  • Our distinct feature is to operate network of bodies governing the construction such as local government & administration, international consultants, global funding agencies, engineering procurement contractors and others.
  • Applying advanced computer applications such as Geo informatics systems, Digital construction model, 3 D Analysis, GIS Substations, integrated utility planning using 3D technologies, etc
  • In house pool of experts in giving domain specific solutions in key areas such as Structural, master planning, smart city ICT, Urban
  • development & planning, smart grids/electrical infrastructure,social development, urban transportation and planning, procurement management, planning for special economic zone, etc
Construction Urban Development & Planning:

Building a city within a city with complete township planning, design and commissioning-design, planning and project management of special economic zones (SEZ), knowledge parks, IT parks, Tech City, etc complete well-planned public spaces, recreational facilities, community centres, utility services etc.

We have built expertise providing engineering consultancy solutions for large IT facilities, infrastructure specific to educational institutions, university campus infrastructure, large health care facilities, sport complexes, Greenfield SEZ facilities, housing complexes and townships.

Large capacity industrial units pertaining to key industry segments have benefitted from our engineering solutions and management. Manufacturing facilities design engineering to commissioning our solutions cater to the unique requirements of the industry.

As part of developing a pool of experts, AutoCX Technologies has initiated a skill improvisation program for civil engineers called DEVELOP CIVIL 3D.