Due to increasing demand from customer for extensive features, security & a greater user experience, all core engineering products have been blended with electronics as an interactive aspect. Integrated electronics are quickly becoming major part of automotive industry, aerospace industry & infrastructure development with sophisticated electronic circuits, sensors, actuators & motors becoming a part of functional loop of any mechanical system. Our passion to integrate digital continuity and collaborative environment aims to help transportation and mobility OEM's and suppliers zero defect process from concept to final assembly.

AutoCX Technologies provides specific solutions involving automotive electronics in the following area:

  • Instrument Clusters
  • Head-up display
  • Information Displays
  • Infotainment
  • Connected audio
  • Connectivity & Telematics

AutoCX technologies has been closely working with leading automotive companies and understood architecture, design , implementation and issues associated with vehicle electronics. We have successfully a part of several project end to end project implementation:

  • Seat Modules( seat-belt sensors)
  • Door look/ unlock indicators
  • Tire pressure monitor
  • Windshield viper ( Rain detector)
  • Smart mirror controls
  • Driver Information system
  • Driver assistance
  • Car climate control system
  • Navigation & HMI

AutoCX Technologies offer services in the area of Automotive Electronics are:

  • Software Design & Development
  • Verification & Validation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Support & Maintaince
  • Hardware & Software migration/porting
  • Software redesign and migration
  • System Integration & Testing
  • Model Based Development & Migration

The assessment of risk and steering of the design team to reliable alternatives from the start can reduce your design and development time on a product by 50%. Our clients that have experienced getting the process wrong tell us how glad they are that they found a design company that has deep engineering knowhow which steers the early decisions which saves them money and reduces their time to market.

Running throughout the vehicle, automotive wiring & harness relay information and electrical power thereby playing a critical role in connecting all the major components. They make up a circulatory system, comparable to the main arteries and central nerves in human body. As car continue to include over more advanced functions, their components parts increasingly require electronics to save space and meet other requirements. Experts at AutoCX Technologies efficiently design and configure complex circuits that contribute tremendously to car manufacturers across the world.