Innovators trust us to transform their napkin sketch ideas into physical product designs that customers want. Using our proven, affordable step-by-step process, we work with you to create the product design, prototype, packaging, and business presentation you need to confidently pursue your business goals, knowing you have access to engineering, design and commercialization support at all times.

Our process has been refined over hundreds of product developments. Our Goal is to become your Trusted Partner for Design Innovation.


Each project we take on requires careful front end planning to determine what steps should be completed first before jumping into the full design of a new product idea. It is important to take an engineering feasibility viewpoint of the new product idea. Risk may be heat generated internally in the product, materials exposure to extreme cold, optical path feasibility, limited space and material selection for strength and weight, RF emission and containment, shipping survival, structural vulnerability to being damaged and many other roadblocks that you should assess early. By evaluating the identified high risk elements immediately the design team can then focus on solutions that minimize the risk.

The assessment of risk and steering of the design team to reliable alternatives from the start can reduce your design and development time on a product by 50%. Our clients that have experienced getting the process wrong tell us how glad they are that they found a design company that has deep engineering knowhow which steers the early decisions which saves them money and reduces their time to market.


Good design process includes testing the concepts often to ensure there will be a positive experience when users interact with the final production solution. We follow LEAN Design and Engineering processes.

We love technically challenging New Product Design and Development

We are asked to help develop products where the solutions are not obvious and the technology challenges are substantial. Our depth of knowledge in design and engineering of many types of physical tangible products is extensive.